Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I came home today to find Shiloe lying in a weird position. I tossed by bag down on the table and ran up to the cage. She wasn't moving, but sometimes she slept in odd positions. Notice I said "slept." Shiloe died from what appeared to be pooping.

This morning, she was fine. She even tried to escape the cage when I fed her (which she usually didn't do; she was quite well-behaved most of the time). But when I came home and found her stiff and with her eyes still open, her back side was covered in poop, as was one whole corner of the cage. I took her into the vet to see what happened, if I had done something wrong or what (and I was also worried that my other rabbit, Osagi, might also be in danger). The vet wasn't sure, but said it was probably either a genetic defect that finally got to be too much or disease it got on the rabbit farm (since she never really grew much in the two months I had her and was always a little sickly).

Well, needless to say, I'm not in a very good mood about it. I'm happy Osagi is going to be okay, but honestly, Shiloe was always my favorite. I got very used to taking her out of the cage and sitting her on my lap while I checked email or, like now, wrote on my blog.

My lap feels empty.



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