Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Phoenix (including San Diego and Tijuana) and Pittsburgh

I got into Phoenix on a Wednesday, and Hye Sook didn't come until Saturday. In the meantime, Damian and I visited Arizona State University (which was nice enough) and headed over to San Diego/Tijuana for some fun and to meet up with my friends Eric and Mika (who live in Korea too and just happened to be in San Diego). We spent Thursday on the beach in San Diego before heading down to Tijuana.

San Diego was a lot of fun, but Tijuana was rather disappointing. We didn't have much time to do anything or to see much, unfortunately.

Once Hye Sook arrived (and we arrived back) in Phoenix on Saturday we toured around the city a bit. Phoenix is a nice city. The scenery around the city is amazing, and it's even more amazing once you get outside the city, which we did on Sunday when we visited Damian's girlfriend, Judy.

Monday we spent looking at cooking schools and Tuesday we headed off to Pittsburgh, where we met up with Mom, Dad, Joel, and Danielle. Although it was rainy and overcast the whole time we were there, we had a lot of fun. Aside from the usual university and cooking school visits, we had a lot of good food, saw some sights, and did some shopping.

Hye Sook and I decided Pittsburgh is probably our number one choice if I get into the university there for a number of reasons:

--The university there seems great. It has everything I want and more.
--Hye Sook's favorite cooking school was there.
--It's fairly close to home, so seeing family would be easy.

Austin and Phoenix definitely have their good points too, and we wouldn't mind if we end up in either city. This all hinges on what schools accept me, of course.

After Pittsburgh it was back to Korea for Hye Sook and back to Fort Wayne for me.



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