Sunday, April 24, 2005

The whole Kindergarten. Notice that I'm looking over at Chris making an ass of himself as usual(he's the one with his hands up). Posted by Hello

Jun. I taught him for 6 months, but don't teach him now. He's one of my favorites. Posted by Hello

Dan carrying a kid (I can't tell who from the back). Posted by Hello

UPenn class. Posted by Hello

Olivia. She's cute as all get out. Posted by Hello

A picture shot half a second too late. This is my main class as we're just breaking up from our class picture. (from left: Michael (leaving), Barbie, Stella, Candy, Wendy, Julie, and Minnie. Victoria, my coteacher, is in the back). Posted by Hello

Illinois class: from left Jinnie, Suzie, Michelle, Henry, Allison, and Stacey. Posted by Hello

Illinois class. Posted by Hello

Candy. Posted by Hello

Jun (red hat), Jason (in the middle), and Rachel (to the left). Suzie (in blue) and Sue (in red) are standing behind. Posted by Hello

Candy. Posted by Hello

Kari Posted by Hello

Chloe Posted by Hello

Michael (with that great sun visor). Posted by Hello

Barbie. Posted by Hello

Julie. Posted by Hello

Wendy. Posted by Hello

Minnie. Posted by Hello

Olivia. Posted by Hello

Jenny. Posted by Hello

Kevin, one of the kindest people I know. Posted by Hello

Dan (front) and Kevin. Posted by Hello

Right to left: Michaela, Chloe, and Julie. Posted by Hello

Candy. Posted by Hello

Proof that kids can be cute even if they DO have mullets. Posted by Hello