Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I came home today to find Shiloe lying in a weird position. I tossed by bag down on the table and ran up to the cage. She wasn't moving, but sometimes she slept in odd positions. Notice I said "slept." Shiloe died from what appeared to be pooping.

This morning, she was fine. She even tried to escape the cage when I fed her (which she usually didn't do; she was quite well-behaved most of the time). But when I came home and found her stiff and with her eyes still open, her back side was covered in poop, as was one whole corner of the cage. I took her into the vet to see what happened, if I had done something wrong or what (and I was also worried that my other rabbit, Osagi, might also be in danger). The vet wasn't sure, but said it was probably either a genetic defect that finally got to be too much or disease it got on the rabbit farm (since she never really grew much in the two months I had her and was always a little sickly).

Well, needless to say, I'm not in a very good mood about it. I'm happy Osagi is going to be okay, but honestly, Shiloe was always my favorite. I got very used to taking her out of the cage and sitting her on my lap while I checked email or, like now, wrote on my blog.

My lap feels empty.


It's a shame this is one of the only pictures I have of her. She got a little bigger and looked quite a bit different when she died. Still, this is my favorite of the ones I DO have of her. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006


This week was Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF). It's one of the biggest film festivals in all of Asia. Hye Sook and I bought tickets to five movies showing at the festival (but only ended up watching 4 because we were too tired). Here's what we saw:

1. In Between Days: A movie about a Korean teenager living in America after her and her mother move here. It's kind of a love story as she falls into love with this Korean boy and then the relationship deteriorates. It was pretty good.

2. The Boss of it All: A Danish movie about a guy who runs a business, but it too much of a wimp to tell people to do things, so he always says the orders come from "The Boss of it all." Eventually he's pushed into a corner and must produce this "boss," so he hires an actor to play him. Hijinx ensue.

3. Second Moon: By far the best one we saw. It was about a group of guys that were trying to "sexually liberate" women (but really pretty much just helped women cheat on their husbands). They had rules about not getting attached to any one woman, but one guy falls in love with one girl. Hijinx ensue.

4. Butterfly Mole: The story of subway drivers, and them hitting people that jump onto the tracks to commit suicide. One of the driver's wife and brother go missing and the rest of the movie is about trying to find them. Very dark movie, but pretty good (despite the subtitles being almost completely jibberish).

Some of the following pictures are from PIFF, and some from just around, but the first few are from Chu-Sawk day over at Hye Sook's Parents' house.


Hye Sook's house. Posted by Picasa

Fish. These are for Hye Sook's family's restaurant. The restaurant is right next to their house. Posted by Picasa

Hye Sook inside the restaurant. Posted by Picasa

A poem Hye Sook wrote (it's about flowers). Posted by Picasa

Some rooms. Posted by Picasa

The outside of the restaurant. Posted by Picasa

View from Hye Sook's roof. Posted by Picasa

Church near Hye Sook's house. I guess churches look pretty much the same the world over. Posted by Picasa

Flower Posted by Picasa

Hye Sook's house is nice, but it's in a neighborhood that looks very rural and a little run down. Posted by Picasa

Farm near Hye Sook's house. Posted by Picasa

This is a lake near Hye Sook's house Posted by Picasa

Lake Posted by Picasa

Flowers Posted by Picasa

Hye Sook looking at a flower (and making a weird face) Posted by Picasa

Spider Posted by Picasa

Praying Mantis. Posted by Picasa

Crowd at PIFF Posted by Picasa

This is the Wester Chosan Beach Hotel. It's where Bush stayed when he came to Korea. Oh, and it's where Hye Sook and I will be getting married. Posted by Picasa

Up Close. Posted by Picasa

The view from the hotel. Posted by Picasa

Me and Borat. Posted by Picasa

The big poster for In Between Days, a movie about a Korean living in America. Posted by Picasa

From the right to the left: The director of "In between days," the star of the same movie, and the co-writer of the movie. Posted by Picasa