Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas Photos

Here are the pictures of Christmas eve and Christmas day. There are about 100 pictures, but only 50 will show up on the main page. If you want to see ALL the pictures, you need to select "December 2005" to the right.


The family room on the day after Christmas. Posted by Picasa

The family on Christmas evening after all the festivities were over. Posted by Picasa

Family Photo. Posted by Picasa

The family watching King Kong on Christmas evening. Posted by Picasa

Danielle (acting weird) and one of her gifts. Posted by Picasa

The street outside grandma and grandpa's house on Christmas evening. Posted by Picasa

Grandma's sun room. Posted by Picasa

Grandma's back yard. Posted by Picasa

The Reiling family. Drew, Aunt Beth lying down on Uncle Scott's lap. Posted by Picasa

Grandpa Reiling. Posted by Picasa

Drew. Posted by Picasa

Great Grandpa Anderberg and his wife Jan. Posted by Picasa

Grandma's front yard on Christmas day. Posted by Picasa

Grandma's Christmas tree. Posted by Picasa

Grandpa. Posted by Picasa

Nea and grandma. Posted by Picasa

Nea hugging grandma. Posted by Picasa

Grandma with her gift. Posted by Picasa

Toby. Posted by Picasa

The family. Posted by Picasa

Drew. Posted by Picasa

Opening gifts. Posted by Picasa

Dad opening gifts on Christmas morning. Posted by Picasa

Mom and Dad's Christmas tree. This is after we opening all the gifts that were underneath it. Posted by Picasa

Dad opening the gift that I got him. Posted by Picasa