Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gyeong Ju and some make up pictures.

Today I went to Gyeong Ju, the ancient capital of Korea. I had a really good time going to temples, heading up mountains, going to museums, and just looking around. Below are the pictures from my trip. I also forgot to post some pictures from a while back: my trip to Daegu and my scuba diving license.

Remember, my blog only shows 50 posts, but I posted about 75 pictures, so you have to hit January 2006 if you want to see them all.


I forgot I had my camera when I was in Daegu until I was leaving, but I snapped a few quick shots from the train station. Posted by Picasa

Temple. Posted by Picasa

Daegu. Posted by Picasa

The main gate into Bool Gook Sa, a very famous temple in Korea. Posted by Picasa

Frozen stream. Posted by Picasa

My offical scuba diver card. Posted by Picasa

Temple. Posted by Picasa

Interior temple. Posted by Picasa

Gateway. Posted by Picasa

Very famous Korean pagoda. Posted by Picasa

Actual snow in actual Korea. It IS on the top of a mountain, though. Posted by Picasa

Pagoda. Posted by Picasa

Inside Bool Gook Sa. Posted by Picasa

Through the trees. Posted by Picasa

Temple from above. Posted by Picasa

Temple. Posted by Picasa

Temple. Posted by Picasa

Gyeong Ju from above. Posted by Picasa

Art. I'm sure it has some significance, but I don't remember it. Posted by Picasa

I think this is a necklace. Yeah, we'll say it's a necklace. Posted by Picasa

Daggers. Posted by Picasa

Horse helmet. Posted by Picasa

Horse thingy. Posted by Picasa

Buddha statues. Posted by Picasa

Glassware. Posted by Picasa