Monday, November 21, 2005

Huh. A shark. I wonder why Ryan posted this on his blog. Posted by Picasa

Hey, wait! Who's that in there with the shark? He looks familiar. It looks kinda like Ryan. Could it be? Could he really have dove with sharks? Posted by Picasa

Yes, yes it is! That's good ole Ryan down there with that monster. Posted by Picasa

Yes, that's right. I've dove with sharks. Posted by Picasa

The Shark Dive

Yep, that's right. I dove with sharks. That's why I've been training (among other reasons).

I dove in the large tank of Busan aquarium. There were several sharks in there with us, including three or four really big ones (It's say about 10 or 12 feet long at least). They had just been fed, but Paul, my instructor, said it didn't matter much if they had. They know what their food looks like and we're not it.

I was surprisingly not nervous. What a great experience. How many people can say they've done THAT?

What was really cool was that people were crowded up to the glass watching us the whole time. Some of the kids freaked out if I waved. A friend of mine was nice enough to come along and take some pictures (which you see above and below). I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.


The tank where we dove. Posted by Picasa

A turtle tried to come up the stairs from the tank. Its escape attempt was in vain. Posted by Picasa

Dan, Darryl and I just before we suited up. Posted by Picasa

Me with Paul. He trained me how to scuba dive, and he was the guy heading up this mission. He's a really cool guy. Posted by Picasa

Our group after we were all suited up. Posted by Picasa

The whole group doing last minute checks. Posted by Picasa

Me in the water before we went under. Posted by Picasa

Dan coming down the glass into the tank. Posted by Picasa

Dan making it down to the bottom. Posted by Picasa

Me trying to look like a superhero or something. Posted by Picasa

The three of us. Notice the school of fish at our feet. Posted by Picasa

Our whole group. Posted by Picasa

The three of us. Posted by Picasa

Here I am underwater. Posted by Picasa

The three of us crawling around. Posted by Picasa

Dan and I looking for teeth. Posted by Picasa

I tooth I found. I ended up finding 11, but I gave all but 1 away. Posted by Picasa

Here we are after the dive. I'm still excited, but Darryl looks freaked out. Posted by Picasa

I'm all excited before the dive. Posted by Picasa

My pre-dive. Posted by Picasa

Shark! Posted by Picasa